Weather-Pro-Iot Technical Specification
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Sensor Specifications:
   Temperature -30°C~70°C ±0.3°C(0°C~50°C)
   Humidity 0%~100%RH ±5%
   Pressure 500hPa~1100hPa ±2hPa
   Wind Direction 0°~360° ±5° (20°dead band from 350°~10°)
   Wind Speed 0~55 meters per second (m/s) ±2%
   Light Energy 0~1500 watts per square meter (w/m²)  ±5%
Optional Accessories
   Auxiliary Input The Weather-Pro-Iot has one Rain Gauge input and One Auxiliary input that can be fitted with a number of auxiliary sensors.
   Rain Gauge Weather-Pro accepts most "normally open contact" Tipping Bucket rain gauges
   Leaf Wetness Leaf Wetness Index 0~100%
   Auxiliary Temperature  -40°C~105°C ±0.3°C(0°C~50°C)
   Any 4-20mA device with adapter
Weather Station Logger
   Logging Interval 15 minutes, (this can be changed from the factory.)
   Logging Modes Average, Minimum, Maximum, and Point where relevant
   Accumulated totals Rainfall
   Logger Memory The web site holds the 15 minute readings for 24 hours and the summarized hourly reading forever.
   Logger Battery (in the attached Iot unit) Charged by the connected solar panel.
Greater then 14 days autonomy (duration it will run without solar).
   Battery Life >10 years. Battery is user replaceable. 
  Connection Via an attached Iot device to the web/data warehouse.
  Methods Nbiot via Vodafone
Nbiot/CatM1 via sparked
Lora via kotahinet or a dedicated Lora gateway.
Satellite via Iridium
Note: One communications option must be selected when ordering.
   Conditions Alarms are triggered on any combination of up to 6 user programmable alarm conditions
   Cellphone Can send a text to up to 2 cellphones.
   Email Can be emailed to up to 3 addresses.