Weather-Pro Software Download
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 Download an update of the
Weather-Pro Software Ver 4.0.206 (2.8MB)

 Download a full install of the
Weather-Pro Software Ver 3.0.197 (6.24MB)

 Download a full install of the
Weather-Pro RF_Terminal Application Ver 2.0.95 (2.6MB)

The Weather-Pro and Weather-Pro Plus weather stations are supplied with a CD ROM containing the most recent version of the Weather-pro Software at that time. If you have already installed the CD ROM version of the Weather-Pro software you can update to the most recent version by downloading this self extracting EXE. The update self extracting EXE is for update only and can not be used to install a full version of the software on a computer that does not have the CD ROM version installed.
The Install link will install the latest version of the weather-pro software but will NOT overwrite any settings or databases from any previous installation.  

Click on the link then select "Run" or "Open".
Select "Run" again if a security question comes up
If it asks to overwrite existing weather-pro update files, click "Yes to All".

When you initially install the software from the CD ROM it will create a Weather-Pro Program Group on your Start > Programs menu. There are two options within this Program group. You can view the Weather-Pro Help file or run the Weather-Pro Application.