Weather-Pro Plus Technical Specification
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Sensor Specifications:
   Temperature -30°C~70°C ±0.3°C(0°C~50°C)
   Humidity 0%~100%RH ±5%
   Pressure 500hPa~1100hPa ±2hPa
   Wind Direction 0°~360° ±5° (20°dead band from 350°~10°)
   Wind Speed 0~55 meters per second (m/s) ±2%
   Light Energy 0~1500 watts per square meter (w/m²)  ±5%
Optional Accessories
   Auxiliary Inputs The Weather-Pro has one Rain Gauge input and Three Auxiliary inputs that can be fitted with a number of auxiliary sensors.
   Rain Gauge Weather-Pro accepts most "normally open contact" Tipping Bucket rain gauges
   Leaf Wetness Leaf Wetness Index 0~100%
   Auxiliary Temperature  -40°C~105°C ±0.3°C(0°C~50°C)
   Any 4-20mA device with adapter
Weather Station Logger
   Logging Interval 1 minutes  to 4 hours in 1 min intervals 
   Logging Modes Average, Minimum, Maximum, and Point on all relevant channels
   Accumulated totals Light Energy and Rainfall
   Logger Memory 1024k Byte
When logging the standard sensors plus rainfall and one auxiliary sensor with a logging period of 1 hour it will take 6� years to fill the memory
   Logger Resolution The Weather-Pro Plus uses 12bit AtoD Converters on all critical channels
   Logger Battery TADIRAN AA 3.6volt High Energy Lithium Battery
   Battery Life 5 years , battery should be replaced in half this time for critical applications. Battery is user replaceable. 
   Direct Connect  19K2 baud RS232
   Modem Telephone line  19K2 baud typical
   Cell Phone Link 9600 baud typical (depending on conditions)
   Radio Link 1200 baud simplex (air speed)
   Conditions Alarms are triggered on any combination of 6 user programmable alarm conditions
   External Can trigger siren or flashing light
   Pocket Pager Dials Pocket Pager (modem and access to phone line required)
   Computer If a computer is connected to the weather station, the alarm will display on the screen
Weather-Pro PC Application Software
   Operating System Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2K