Weather-Pro-GSM Features
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The Weather-Pro-GSM  is a self contained, logging weather station. It is easy to both install and maintain. It is used for the observation and logging of meteorological data including: 

A solar radiation shield, mounted under the station crossbar, houses the logger electronics, temperature, humidity and pressure sensors. The wind vane, anemometer and light energy sensor are mounted along the top of the crossbar. Four sockets, located under the crossbar, are used to connect an optional tipping bucket rain gauge and up to three auxiliary sensors including leaf wetness,  soil moisture, water height, water flow or ground temperature.  

The station has been designed to ensure operation over a wide range of climatic conditions. The Instruments are manufactured from Stainless Steel and  Anodized Aluminum. Where ever possible, plastics have not been used because of their long term susceptibility to Ultra-Violet radiation and low temperatures. 

The Weather-Pro-GSM station is configured, and logging is started from the factory, or via text messaging. The station data is uploaded to the web every five minutes. This can be viewed, listed, graphed, exported and analyzed from statistical and periodic reports. 

The Weather-Pro-GSM weather station includes a sophisticated alarm system that warns the user when alarm conditions occur. These alarm conditions are user configurable and each of the six conditions can be used individually or in combination to trigger an alarm. These alarms can be viewed on the web or can be configured to send a text to up to 2 cell phones.