Weather-Pro-Iot Weather Stations are a tool for the observation and recording of meteorological data. The stations can monitor air temperature, humidity, pressure, light intensity, wind speed and wind direction. With the addition of optional probes, the stations can also monitor rainfall,  leaf wetness, ground temperature, Soil moisture and others. Updated August 2020.


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With the Weather-Pro the data is sent to the weather-pro web site every 15 minutes and stored in a database on the web. This can then be viewed at any time using a PC, laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. The web can be configured with alarms which can be setup to send emails or text messages to specified phones. Current weather conditions can also be viewed on the New Zealand Met Service Your Weather page (setup is required).

Communications between the Station and the Web server can be via IoT using Vodafone, Spark, Sigfox, Lora or via Iridium satellite. Depending on the signals available on site.