Gain, Offset and Limit settings for station

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Security Key from the security tag supplied with the station/logger.

ChannelGainOffsetGraph Low LimitGraph High Limit

Notes:This should only be changed if you are sure about what youre doing.
Gains and offsets are in a Y=mX+C format
Y is the new value to be recorded
m is the Gain value
X is the reading from the sensor
C is the Offset
Gain:Defaults to 1.0, this means the value from the sensor is not re-scaled.
Offset:Defaults to 0, this offset is applied AFTER the sensor value has had the Scale(Gain) applied.
Limits:Defaults to not shown. This is the hourly limit. (may be multiplied up to daily or weekly by some graphs).
High Limit (Week):Only used for Water Meters. Defaults to not shown. This is the Total Weekly limit.
Update:Save any changes you have made by clicking the "Update" button. (Note Security key must be valid)