Alarm settings for station Jones Tangmere CT2X

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Security Key from the security tag supplied with the station/logger.

Serial Channel LowLimit HighLimit Hysteresis Duration Email Sms State
373934355D377C16Battery(avg)Instant ready 

Channel:This can only be changed for a new alarm and must be set from the list.
Low Limit / High Limit:Numeric only and must be set, the alarm event will trigger if the latest reading is below the "Low Limit" or above the "High Limit".
Hysteresis:Numeric only and must be set. After an alarm event, the alarm will only reset when the latest reading is this far above the "Low Limit" or below the "High Limit".
Duration:"Instant" means activate alarm immediately out of limits data is received.
Day,Week,Month or Year means take the Min/Max or Sum (depending on Channel) data over the given period. These are only checked just after midnight.
Email:Optional, This address will be emailed when an alarm event occurs or an alarm reset occurs. Either a valid email address or a comma separated list of valid email addresses.
Sms:Optional, The number will receive a text message when an alarm event occurs. Number must start with 64 (no plus) ie 64219999999
Note: Either Email, Sms or both should be set.
State:Shows the current state of the Alarm: "Active" means the alarm has been activated but not yet reset, so it wont alarm again. "Ready" means the alarm is waiting to be triggered.
Update this alarm:Change any value of an alarm then click the "Update" button to save changes. (Note Security key must be valid)
Delete this alarm:To remove an alarm, click the "Delete" button. (Note Security Key must be valid)
Insert new alarm:Fill in the fields as required for a new alarm then click the "Insert" button. (Note Security key must be valid)